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African  drummers and dancers


Besides teaching African dance, Bijou also performs at AfroDance shows and concerts with her band Guinee Toumboui. Bijou performs solo (on both traditional and modern music), but also with other dancers or with drummers from the group Giunee Toumboui.


Her live performances are full of energy – wild and beautiful, but also colourful, thanks to the African traditional costumes. Seeing Bijou Camara dance is an amazing experience.


We work exclusively with professional African drummers and dancers. Our aim is to show African culture in the most authentic way possible.


Contact us and we will send you a complete list of possible performances, including pricing.

Possible performances of African drummers and dancers:

- AfroDance course or workshop for adults

- AfroDance course for children and schools


- AfroDance show – a traditional West African dance or contemporary African dance: coupe decale, mbalax and others (solo, duo or 4 dancers)


- AfroDance animation (short African dancing lessons) – well suited for public events or parties


- Drumming workshop


- Drumming performances


- Concert of Guinee Toumboui - African drums, singing and dancing (4-8 members)

Possible performance locations:

- Concerts


- Theatres


- Corporate events


- Charities


- Weddings


- Opening parties


Send us your request

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Telefon:  +49 (0)1 76 71 238 328

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