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African Dance

"If you can talk, you can sing. When you cannot walk, you can still dance," says an African proverb, pointing out that dancing is a second nature for Africans and that it accompanies them through their whole life. Now you can share the joy of movement not only passively, as spectators, but also actively – by participating in African dance classes with professional dancer and instructor Bijou Camara.

African Dane: Dance or Sport ?

By its very nature, African dance is physically demanding. However, it is far from being boring – African dancing can make you fit in a fun way. A dance-exercise combination is inherently attractive for many, as can be seen on the popularity of Zumba, which combines Latin dance and fitness elements. If you participate in dance classes with an experienced instructor, such as Bijou Camara, the movement can become a combination of dancing, working out and creating an artistic performance, all blended together.

Afro dance classes

Do you own a Dance studios / Danceschools / Yogastudio?
Would you like to organize Afro dance classes  in  your place?
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Afro dance classes for beginners

Dance courses are also suitable for beginners without any previous experience with African dancing. Under the expert guidance of a professional instructor, you can see that AfroDance is not just an exercise, but also deep artistic, aesthetic and sensual experience.

Private Afro Dance Classes

We can also organize private danceclasses or danceclasses for private groups

African dance workshops and festivals

For workshops and courses outside of Prague, one-off events and general information please follow our Facebook page

If you want to organize an African dance workshop in your city, school or dance studio, please contact us.

Dance Shows

Interested in danceshows? Please contact us !

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